Monday, November 19, 2018
Home Belonging


A sense of belonging is critical to forming a sense of self, connectedness and purpose. From a place of love and acceptance we can grow and expand our sense of who we are and how we can be in the world. Inspired by a God who reaches out to us in love, the Catholic school is called into community where inter-connectedness and quality relationships shape and affirm the identity of each person. The community encourages belonging in diversity by listening to and celebrating the narratives of each member, ensuring all voices are heard and engaging many perspectives in dialogue with Catholic beliefs and practices. The experience of belonging is promoted when the community searches for ways to strengthen, maintain and, where needed, rebuild right relationships with God and with others through reconciliation and forgiveness as well as through trust, inclusion and compassion. A focus on open invitation, table fellowship and hospitality creates a sense of belonging that is extended to all. Belonging in a Catholic school community anchors the individual and collective identity in God through the story of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Ever-sensitive to personal freedom and the mystery of the gift of faith, the community invites deeper connection with God and others through prayer, commitment to the faith community and contribution to the Common Good.