Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Debating the Da Vinci Code Scenario Image
War and Peace Scenario Image
Sweatshop Labour Scenario Image

Sweat Shop Labour

Scenario When Anna came to Australia from China in 1992 she had not done any sewing work. After she arrived, she saw an advertisement for...
Sport and Disability Scenario Image

Sport and Disability

Scenario Simon is a twenty-three-year-old sufferer from epilepsy. Over the years he has progressively lost brain function as a result of repeated seizures. He completed...
Debating the Da Vinci Code Scenario Image

Debating the Da Vinci Code

Scenario The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown has been a hugely popular novel, with sales beyond any author’s wildest dreams and with a general release...
Proselytism, Indoctrination or Evangelism Scenario Image

Proselytism, Indoctrination or Evangelism?

Scenario Denise was a warm, affectionate single mother of three young adult children and one teenager. Her life had not been easy: a marriage to...
Capital Punishment Scenario Image

Capital Punishment

Scenario Imagine that with the community facing an unprecedented increase in violent crime, ‘law and order’" becomes the key issue of the Victorian state election....
Casualisation of Work Scenario Image

Casualisation of Work

Scenario David has a small factory that specialises in swatching. ‘It’s Curtains for You’ makes sets of samples of materials that are used for blinds...
Censorship Scenario Image


Scenario Anita Jennings is the principal of an outer suburban Catholic primary school. Together with all the teachers at the school, she has been surprised...
Sex and the Soap Opera Scenario Image

Sex and the Soap Opera

Scenario Jacqui and Rob are 20. They have known each other for three years and feel themselves to be very much in love. They have...
Carbon Tax Scenario Image

The Carbon Tax

Scenario The Carbon Tax proposed and implemented by former PM Julia Gillard raised many issues around the much debated climate change issue. Politicians from both sides...
Honesty vs Self-Interest at Work Scenario Image

Honesty vs Self-Interest at Work

Scenario Joe O'Toole took over a small business with good staff relationships, delivering educational products and services to a satisfied clientele. During his first year in...

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