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Luther and the Beginnings of the Protestant Reform Scenario Image

Luther and the Beginnings of the Protestant Reform

Snapshot The Tower experience: the moment in which Luther ‘sees’ that he is justified not through any works of his own but by faith in...
Praying with St Mary of the Cross

Praying with St Mary of the Cross

Prayer This prayer has been inspired by retreat notes written by Mary MacKillop. [youtube] Download: If I Could Tell the Love of God Introducing Mary MacKillop Mary MacKillop was...
Distribution of Wealth Scenario Image

Distribution of Wealth

Scenario Kylie and Jason have been in a state of perpetual excitement for months with the thought of the arrival of their first child. Life...
Casualisation of Work Scenario Image

Casualisation of Work

Scenario David has a small factory that specialises in swatching. ‘It’s Curtains for You’ makes sets of samples of materials that are used for blinds...
World Religions: The Golden Rule

World Religions: The Golden Rule

Interactive Tool Explore this interactive presentation produced by Scarboro Missions about the Golden Rule in 13 of the world’s great religions. This tool provides you with a brief overview...
Engaging with Scripture Scenario Image

Engaging With Scripture

For Teachers Welcome to our Engaging with Scripture: Reading the Bible resource.  This resource was created to support our Professional Learning offering 'Engaging with Scripture'. The focus...
Music that Points to Justice

Music that Points to Justice

Music: the 'lingua franca' of youth MUSIC THE 'LINGUA FRANCA' OF YOUTH   contributed by Patrick Jurd, Ave Maria College Essendon. Introduction This brief outline sets out some...
Season of Growth

Season of Growth

Prayer for the Season Ordinary Time is the season of growth and transformation. In the natural world, we are surrounded by symbols of transformation. The...
Proselytism, Indoctrination or Evangelism Scenario Image

Proselytism, Indoctrination or Evangelism?

Scenario Denise was a warm, affectionate single mother of three young adult children and one teenager. Her life had not been easy: a marriage to...
Visit St Patrick's Cathedral Scenario Image

Visit St Patrick’s Cathedral

Snapshot Introducing the Cathedral St Patrick’s Cathedral, the third attempt at building a church on its site was begun in 1858 and its spires were finally...

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