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Lent & Holy Week in the Year of Mercy

Lent & Holy Week in the Year of Mercy

What is it? Lent  is the season for preparing for Easter, where we remember Jesus’ last supper with his disciples, his passion, crucifixion and look...
World Religions: The Golden Rule

World Religions: The Golden Rule

Interactive Tool Explore this interactive presentation produced by Scarboro Missions about the Golden Rule in 13 of the world’s great religions. This tool provides you with a brief overview...
Carbon Tax Scenario Image

The Carbon Tax

Scenario The Carbon Tax proposed and implemented by former PM Julia Gillard raised many issues around the much debated climate change issue. Politicians from both sides...
Holy Year of Mercy

Holy Year of Mercy

What is the Holy Year of Mercy? The Announcement of the Jubilee of Mercy Dear brothers and sisters, I have often thought of how the Church may...

The Stations of the Cross

Prayer for the Season Lent is a time for prayer and reflection on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Using these beautiful images and...
Love your neighbour: Be Courageous scenario image

Lent 2017: Love your Neighbour

Love Your Neighbour Caritas Australia’s annual fundraising and awareness-raising appeal, bringing thousands of Australians together in solidarity with the world's poor to help end poverty,...
Welcome to Country scenario image

Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement of Traditional Owners

The following resource, created by NATSICC (National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Council), in partnership with the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, explains the...
Christian Meditation

Christian Meditation

Meditation Contemplative prayer is the simplest expression of the mystery of prayer. Catechism of the Catholic Church 2713   [youtube] The Tradition of Meditation Meditation has always been part...
The Parables of Jesus Scenario Image

The Parables of Jesus

How can the parables of Jesus be relevant now? Jesus lived and taught in a very different world, in a different social, religious and political...
A Prayer for Lent

A Prayer for Lent

Prayer for the Season Lent is a time for reflection.The article Lent-Become more like Jesus is worth a look on this theme.  We are encouraged to spend...

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