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The Prayer of St Teresa
Casualisation of Work Scenario Image
Prayer for Our Earth Pope Francis' Encyclical Laudato Si

Prayer for Our Earth Pope Francis’ Encyclical Laudato Si

Prayer for the Earth In response to Pope Francis' recent encyclical, 'Laudato Si', Caritas have created a prayer for our earth. a-prayer-for-our-earth.
War and Peace Scenario Image

War and Peace

Scenario A summary of the events surrounding the war in Iraq is available in Wikipedia while the American CNN news site has a detailed day by day war tracker diary in...
I believe in the Holy Spirit

I believe in the Holy Spirit

Belief in the Holy Spirit, third person of the Trinity is at the heart of Christian faith but many people see the Holy Spirit as...
Our Lady of Fatima

Our Lady of Fatima

For Teachers Provocation and Context: Hope in hard times On the 13th of October 1917, during the First World War, thousands of people gathered in a...
The creation stories Scenario Image

The Creation Stories

Introduction The creation narratives which form the opening chapters of the whole Bible are fundamental to the way we understand ourselves and our world in...
Praying with Scripture

Praying with Scripture

The Man Born Blind [youtube] Understanding the Tradition What is Lectio Divina? Sacred reading, or lectio divina, is the art of praying the Gospels. Sacred reading was...
Engaging with Scripture Scenario Image

Engaging With Scripture

For Teachers Welcome to our Engaging with Scripture: Reading the Bible resource.  This resource was created to support our Professional Learning offering 'Engaging with Scripture'. The focus...
Pentecost 2017: Be Courageous scenario image

Pentecost 2017: Be Courageous

For Teachers The message for Pentecost 2017 is to 'Be courageous, be alternative in the world. The Holy Spirit of Courage is with you'. This Pentecost...
Luke's Gospel Scenario Image

Luke’s Gospel

Trailer The inaugural discourse at the Nazareth synagogue sees Jesus using the words of the prophet Isaiah to announce his identity and proclaim his mission....
World Religions: The Golden Rule

World Religions: The Golden Rule

Interactive Tool Explore this interactive presentation produced by Scarboro Missions about the Golden Rule in 13 of the world’s great religions. This tool provides you with a brief overview...

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