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Compendium of the Catechism

Compendium of the Catechism

The Church’s Book of Questions and Answers The Art of the Compendium is a visual synthesis of our Faith The images for the Compendium of the...
Capital Punishment Scenario Image

Capital Punishment

Scenario Imagine that with the community facing an unprecedented increase in violent crime, ‘law and order’" becomes the key issue of the Victorian state election....
Sweatshop Labour Scenario Image

Sweat Shop Labour

Scenario When Anna came to Australia from China in 1992 she had not done any sewing work. After she arrived, she saw an advertisement for...
Early Life Scenario Image

Early Life

Scenario Clare has just discovered she is pregnant. She is an intelligent 17-year-old student in the final year of high school, with a particular talent and...
The Story of St Patrick's Cathedral Scenario Image

The Story of St Patrick’s Cathedral

Snapshot A pictorial introduction to the history of St Patrick's Cathedral Melbourne. Understanding the Context UNDERSTANDING THE CONTEXT Fr Patrick Geoghegan OFM arrived in 1839 to be the...
Multiculturalism Scenario Image


Scenario Five years ago Sadia and Abdullah and their family came from Indonesia to Australia to live. They have settled in well. They are both...


Preview The sacrament of Reconciliation is one of the sacraments of healing and restoration. It celebrates the endlessly forgiving mercy of God and the change...
The Aboriginal Our Father

The Aboriginal Our Father

Pray Pray the Aboriginal Our Father created by the Catholic media platform xt3. [youtube] For more great Catholic resources
1 Thessalonians – Introducing Paul Scenario Image

1 Thessalonians – Introducing Paul

Trailer Most scholars think that the first letter to the Thessalonians is the very first piece of Christian writing we possess. It is a letter...
Traces of God at the NGV

Traces of God at the NGV

Introduction BIG QUESTION: How can visual art be a spiritual language? As part of the 'Traces of God' series, this unit of work visits the National Gallery of...

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