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The Sacrament of Baptism
Sex and the Soap Opera Scenario Image
Mining Uranium Scenario Image

Mining Uranium

Scenario On 17 April 2003 Sir Robert Wilson of Rio Tinto signed an agreement that there would be no further mining at Jabiluka without the...
Casualisation of Work Scenario Image

Casualisation of Work

Scenario David has a small factory that specialises in swatching. ‘It’s Curtains for You’ makes sets of samples of materials that are used for blinds...
Introduction to Sacraments

Introduction to Sacraments

Preview The Catholic imagination sees the goodness of God reflected in the unfolding of human life and love, in the grandeur and fragility of nature,...
Traces of God at the Museum

Traces of God at the Museum

Traces of God in the Melbourne Museum? [youtube] Melbourne Museum is an exciting place to visit. Its galleries bring visitors face to face with its...
The Miracles of Jesus Scenario Image

The Miracles of Jesus

Trailer The Triptych with the Miracles of Christ at the National Gallery of Victoria This beautiful triptych whose home is now the National Gallery of Victoria...
Vatican II Scenario Image

Vatican II

Snapshot The Second Vatican Council was the most significant ecclesial event of the 20th Century. This topic introduces the Council, its background, personalities and teaching...
Debating the Da Vinci Code Scenario Image

Debating the Da Vinci Code

Scenario The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown has been a hugely popular novel, with sales beyond any author’s wildest dreams and with a general release...
Proselytism, Indoctrination or Evangelism Scenario Image

Proselytism, Indoctrination or Evangelism?

Scenario Denise was a warm, affectionate single mother of three young adult children and one teenager. Her life had not been easy: a marriage to...
Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

What are the Sustainable Development Goals? In September 2015, 193 world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. If these Goals are completed,...
Saint John Paul II Scenario Image

Saint John Paul II

John Paul II - Celebrating His Life Saint John Paul II - Celebrating His Life On 1 May 2011, before one million people at St Peter's...

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