Horizons of Hope

Horizons of Hope is the education framework for the Archdiocese of Melbourne. Horizons of Hope draws on evidence-based research to respond to the current challenges within our education context, including the introduction of new curriculum and the challenge of enhancing Catholic identity within our schools.

The Horizons of Hope framework supports Catholic school communities to engage in dialogue about the distinctive nature of learning and teaching, leading learning, and enhancing Catholic identity in our schools. The framework is a living document that will be added to over coming months and years with examples of practice from schools, as well as additional strategy statements in the areas of Leadership, Wellbeing, Diversity, and Religious Education.

1. Vision – a succinct statement which outlines our vision for learners in our Catholic schools

2. Context – a mapping of the current educational landscape, drawing out the challenges and opportunities for learning and teaching in a Catholic context

3. Strategy – foundational statements that provide a shared way into tools, resources and materials, supporting the whole system in our work

4. Practice – school examples of practice that give life to the vision, context and strategy.